Support for Foreign Managers of Companies Operating in Japan

 I offer management consulting tailored to the needs of expatriate managers of foreign companies’ Japanese operations.

 Japan is a major economy whose business customs and culture are unique and therefore the operation of Japanese subsidiaries poses a special difficulty because, as an expatriate manager, you need to take these differences into consideration. In particular, in the management of Japanese employees, you need to take the distinctive mentality of Japanese people into consideration, in addition to complying with Japan’s labor law, while also according consideration to labor customs unique to Japan. Managing a company in Japan involves difficulties over and above those inherent in corporate management throughout the world.

 Clearly, since you are the person appointed to take charge of a subsidiary in Japan, headquarters highly evaluates your capabilities, expects you to rise to the challenge, and requires you to achieve good results as the president of the subsidiary. The upside is that achieving good results during your term of office will have a highly positive impact on your subsequent career. The downside is that your mission allows no room for error.

 After gaining an MBA in finance at a business school in the U.S., I spent seven years in the UK as an expatriate working for Toshiba and Elecom. I was the president of a subsidiary in the UK and concurrently served as the president of subsidiaries in Germany and Italy. I know from experience the difficulty of managing subsidiaries. While naturally you have to trust local employees, the insights and advice that only local experts can provide are essential for the effective management of local subsidiaries.


My profile is as follows:

Naoyoshi Otsuka
Representative Director, Centable Co., Ltd.
Management consultant, MBA
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo. MBA (NYU, majored in finance)

 I worked at Toshiba Corporation for 20 years in the Corporate Planning Division, the International Business Development Division, Toshiba of Europe Ltd., etc. I was mainly engaged in corporate planning, business restructuring (new business development, M&A, capital alliance, etc.), and international business.
 Subsequently, I worked at four companies, including IT companies. Having served in key positions, such as general manager of the business development headquarters, executive officer and general manager of corporate planning, I served as president of subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, and Italy, strengthening strategic management and expanding sales.
I have nine years’ experience overseas: two years in the U.S. studying at a business school and seven years in the UK as an expatriate manager.
 Currently, as a management consultant, I help clients put their business on a growth track through formulation of strategy, business model reform, restructuring, establishment of a management system, and reform of executives’ mentality and behavior.
 Concurrently I serve as a director of three companies, including a listed company.
 I offer training for managers and executives.
 I can draw on a wealth of practical managerial experience gained through my involvement in the management of more than 30 companies.


 I can offer you advice on management in Japan. To find out more, please contact me by email in English or Japanese.
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